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Simple Signage

Using a Raspberry Pi 4, the VLC video player and Node-Red to implement a simple signage type application.

The goal of the project was to use a reasonably cheap monitor for picture slide shows and video display at home. The display should be wall mounted (no cables should be seen) and using a wooden frame to conceal all parts.

The videos displayed should be able to be changed on demand or run at predefined times during the day. Slideshows should also be possible. Since the user interface should be via a mobile phone, a WiFi network integration is necessary.

The basic requirement of a hidden socket required two wall mounted standard sockets to plugin the monitor and the Raspberry Pi power supply. A simple wall bracket is used to mount the monitor. The Raspberry Pi case with the Raspberry Pi 4 is mounted on the back of the monitor (using adhesive strips). All cables are tied to the wall bracket, and the wooden frame is also mounted at the wall using simple angle brackets.

The standard Raspberry Pi OS image (available at is used. It can be installed using the Raspberry Pi Imager. During the first installation and setup, an USB keyboard and USB mouse are helpful. During the operation they are not needed anymore since all operations can be controlled remotely using a web browser.”

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