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This Instructable is targeted at beginners who want to get a glimpse of the wonderful world of Node-Red and the vast opportunities it opens for home automation, connected devices, home information, music systems the list goes on. All the software/firmware is free and runs on the very low cost Raspberry Pis. These are run in headless mode and so do not need any peripherals (screen, keyboard, mouse are not required). It has been written for a classroom environment where a local Wi-Fi network probably needs to be set up. This step is not required if a home Wi-Fi is available.
After initial setup we add a remotely controlled switch– controlled by smartphone(s). Then sound is added – then email – all very easy. Then we add control of a LED. Lastly we explore controlling Neopixel strings for some multi-coloured fun.


- Set up local Wi-Fi hotspot on PC/laptop (skip if home Wi-Fi available).
- Make up the LED and Neopixel string connections
- Load up the Pi with operating system, Node-Red and some extra nodes needed for this project.
- Switch fun (led, sound and email control)
- NeoPixel fun
- Some Node-Red Capabilities to Explore

- Raspberry Pi and SD card (suggest 8Gb+) (Pi 3A used here)
- Wi-Fi USB dongle if the Pi does not have Wi-Fi on-board
- PC/laptop with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections (only needs internet if home Wi-Fi is available)
- Smartphone(s)
- LED and resistor
- Neopixel string plus 1000uf capacitor 1N4001 diode and 330ohm resistor”

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