GY 89 Gyro Accelerometer Sensor Module for Multiwii Quadcopter

This is my first Instructable, so please bear with me. So like most people interested in quadcopters i wanted to make one cheaply. Well after a little bit of time and import from across the world i was able to do that. I used the Multiwii 2.4 program running on an Arduino Uno. The thing I had the hardest time with was the IMU. I bought the GY-521 (MPU6050) ACC/GYRO first and realized for my particular project i needed a better IMU. I went onto eBay and looked up a 10DOF IMU and found the cheapest one for the GY-89. This board has LSM303D,L3GD20 and BMP180. The problem is I wasn’t aware the Multiwii platform didn’t have code written for this. I looked everywhere, and couldn’t figure it out. I attempted writing code for it(based on my extremely limited knowledge) and failed miserably. I finally came across this.”


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