DIY Arduino Propeller LED Display

You have seen Propellers in Aircrafts or in marine ships, if not in real then in movies for sure. In this session we are going to design a Propeller Display with Arduino, LEDs and a DC motor. In this Propeller Display, text will appear to be rotating in propeller fashion in a circular shape. The propeller display is in a way like LED Matrix. It contains 8 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) which are arranged in the form of an 8*1 matrix (8 rows and 1 column). They are arranged in the form of ladder one over the other. These 8 LED can be made to display any content like text, numbers, symbols etc. This is achieved by Perception of Vision (POV), in which many still images are moved quickly one by one in a sequence, which gives a perception of animation or a moving image.”


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