LittleArm: Arduino Robot Arm

The LittleArm started as a weekend project by the founder of Slant, Gabe Bentz. Gabe was searching for a low cost 3D printed robot arm to experiment with the Arduino. Finding none he put his 3D printer to work to create the first prototype of the LittleArm. Friends and teachers continued to ask Gabe to make kits for them so they could build the arm. That was when it became a project at Slant. Today the LittleArm is supported by a team of designers who love technology. Users can download all of the software for free and start training their LittleArm. Those with 3D printers can download the STL’s and those without can purchase the kit. We at Slant love working with the LittleArm. It is one of the few designs out there that requires 3D printing, and really would not work with any other manufacturing process.”


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