Leslie Birchinator - Neopixel Arduino MIDI switch

It’s the Leslie Birchinator. Acacia missed it, it may prove poplar, knock on wood… Ok, the switch case is most likely birch. If you have ever listened to the sound of a Hammond organ playing, sometimes there is a distinctive warbly character to the sound that makes it even more special. That is when it is played through a set of Leslie rotating speakers. Leslie speakers have rotating speaker horns(fun fact: one is just for show to balance out the mechanism) and a rotating lower baffle for bass that sends the sound out in different directions as it spins. The effect it creates is a complex blend of varying the sounds loudness(amplitude modulation) and change in pitch(frequency modulation - doppler effect like in hearing a moving siren or train horn). Applying the use of the Leslie speakers or “rotary speaker” effect is part of the skill needed to play the Hammond organ. Mastering the technique to play the Hammond organ is other hard part. And that is even without bass pedals. Time to tame the beast a little. Sorry, the sound is bad since I didn’t have external speakers or a direct feed set up and what you hear is from the headphones in the open. And I have to tone down the brightness of the Neopixels. Videoing a moving unicorn is tough to do. There is a animated rainbow lit ring in the slow mode and switching color sweep in the fast mode.”


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