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Arduino Buzzer/Light Temperature Alert Hat Prototype

Part 1. This is somewhat of a part 2 of my original prototype instructable, found here. This is how to make the final hat product that the original was building up to. If you’ll see in the original, we made a PCB board with a buzzer and attached it to a light strip. A very basic code would cause a light to flash and the buzzer to alarm when the temperature went past a certain threshold. That was my first instructable, and therefore this is my second. Hopefully I know what I’m doing by now.

This is expanding upon that and showing how to make the rest of the project. It’s a lot of cutting and knotting. This was for a class project, but here’s how you can make one yourself, if you so desire.

The idea for this was based upon the tendency of heatstroke to affect those who are older, as they have a difficult time regulating temperature and telling if the temperature is too hot. So there are three different ‘levels’ of alert that raise in frequency, color temperature, and sound- all indicating that the temperature is raising to levels it shouldn’t be. It would be worn outside and used to alert the wearer and people around the wearer of the temperature change.

Without further ado, let’s continue.

Cheap tweed hat, you need to be able to stick a sewing needle through it
Power source for Arduino (9 Volt Battery + Connector)
Power source for lights (I used a small portable phone battery)
Old USB cable (a cheap one is fine, what it connects into doesn’t matter, you just need the USB end)
Soldering tools:
Electrical Tape
Needle + Thread (color of the hat)
Neopixel light strip, I used an Alitove WS2812B 3.2 ft strip. Yours needs to be able to wrap around the base of the hat.

The PCB board creation from Part 1.”

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