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Arduino 2 / 3 axis robotic arm with a robotic claw gripper.

I made this project for those who don’t want to, for some reasons, buy a robotic arm from the store. The reason I started this project is that I tried buying a robotic arm, but it couldn’t even lift itself, because of its design (also it had some small servos - sg90s). So in this project, I will try to explain how to design properly a simple functional robotic arm.

In this project you will:

calculate the mechanical advantage of the main 2 axis;
design the robotic arm using a CAD program (SketchUp);
3d print the model;
learn 3 ways of how to control the robot.
You will need:

50 M3 bolts and 50 M3 nuts;
a breadboard.
You will learn how to control the robot via:

computer, through a USB port (recommended if you want to take note about what positions can the servos get);
HC-05 bluetooth module.”

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