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The FT232H is a versatile multifunction USB to JTAG / UART / FIFO / SPI / I2C chip from FTDI ( that has been used on a number of generic interface, flash reader/programmer and signal probing boards

This project is a baseboard for the CJMCU FT232H module, which is widely available on auction sites for under $8/£6.

Plugging a CJMCU board onto the Shukran creates an easy-to-use multi-function bus / device hacking and analysis tool with protected (current limited) 5V power pins, 3.3V power, spare pullup resistors and indicator LEDs, all for around $16/£12 total. The Shukran is designed to be assembled by anyone with moderate soldering skills; all components are through-hole except for two larger, surface mount, ones which should be easy to fit with a soldering iron.

A fully-populated Shukran board provides:

Breakout pins for the FT232H chip ports, and power rails
A dedicated I2C header
Two dedicated I2C pullups which can be connected/disconnected as needed
Two spare pullups which can be connected to the breakout pins and VBUS (5V) or 3.3V as needed
Two user LEDs which can be connected to the breakout pins as required using dupont jumper leads
Overload-protected 5V and switched VBUS (5V) connection points
3.3V and GND connection points
A dedicated indicator LED on the AC9 bus line
Unlike some FT232H (and FT2232H) breakout boards, all Shukran 5V power pins are protected by a 500mA polyfuse to reduce the risk of overcurrent conditions or damaging the host USB port.

The assembled 2-board setup is compatible with many common tools and apps, such as CircuitPython and OpenOCD, with the added bonus that the FT232H part is easily replaced if it gets damaged; just pull off the low-cost CJMCU board and fit a new one - no more writing off an expensive board or having to think about replacing a surface-mount chip!

To make a Shukran, you’ll need to order the PCB, required components and a CJMCU board. The PCB design files are at: Bare boards can be ordered directly from JLCPCB, or you can download the design files and use another manufacturer.”

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