Building A 16x32 NeoPixel Display

Earlier this year while attending a FabNow Conferance in Ft. Worth I came across a few exibits with Neo Pixel Rings. I was fascinated with the color levels and the fact they could be controlled with a single wire! While experimenting with the Neo Pixel Rings I learned about Adafruits NeoPixel 64 LED 8x8 Matrix, the FadeCandy controller then was mesmerized by some of the demonstrations at Micah Elizabeth Scotts website and the LED Art with Fadecandy tutorial on Adafruits website. I was hooked. I knew I wanted to build some sort of display using the 8x8 neopixel panels and control them using the FadeCandy! Using the LED Art with Fadecandy tutorial on Adafruits website as I guide I thought I would start off with four of the 8x8 neopixel panels but then decided to go with eight so I either build two separate 2x2 panel displays (16x16) or one larger 16x32 display.”


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