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MPLAB® Xpress Evaluation Board


Brilliant ideas are fleeting. As soon as they are recognized, they must be captured quickly and made real with the highest possible urgency. In embedded design, the creative process is often blunted by the massive array of choices required to simply begin the development cycle. The tasks of selecting a target MCU, finding the appropriate tool chain and setting everything up on your PC can keep your best ideas from becoming great products. The MPLAB® Xpress Evaluation Board (DM164140) was designed with a single objective—to help your ideas take the shortest journey from imagination to reality.




  • Compact, credit card-sized footprint offers flexibility during the prototyping phase
  • On-board PIC16F18855 MCU supports a wide range of applications
  • MikroBus Expansion Header with over 180 off-the-shelf options for adding functionality to your design
  • Integrated drag-and-drop programmer with USB interface—no drivers required
  • Analog potentiometer and push-button switches for user input