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Microlathe - The Parametric, Printable Lathe

Microlathe is a little dremel-powered woodturning/watchmaker’s lathe that can be printed and bolted together with all those leftover M3 nuts and bolts that came with your Makerbot. In addition to the M3 nuts/bolts, you only require a 608 bearing (I got an extra one with my Makerbot) and an 8mm diameter spring to fit the bearing-end. You probably don’t even need that spring. So, if you have a Dremel handy, you can consider this “The Lathe That Came Free With The Makerbot”! Microlathe is Parametric, and makes use of a “Global Parameters” script from which the others derive shared traits such as the radius of the bolt plates, etc.. you could try printing a larger one, but bear in mind the limited space you have to print the body portions, which are already quite large for a Makerbot.”

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