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UNO-Core ATmega328p Mini


Massduino is a new product line, which combines the Arduino platform peripheral -rich, convenient and quick development, low-cost and easy to manufacture large-scale production advantages. Almost all of the Arduino code can be applied to MassDuino without modification (or very small modification), users do not need to learn any new knowledge, you can immediately begin using MassDuino to commercial product development. MassDuino use a special custom MCU MD-8088 and MD-328D, those chips has a very unique and new design, ensuring high operating efficiency while providing a low cost of applications. INHAOS upcoming a series of application modules which is based MassDuino. The application modules can be developed in the Arduino environment, and then direct used to commercial products, creative implementation and production time reduced to a minimum.


  • MCU: ATMega328p 32K Flash 2K SRAM 10bit ADC
  • Working Voltage : 3.3V with onboard LDO
  • Input Voltage: DC 4.5 to 12V
  • 3.3V Output Current : 300mA MAX
  • PCBA Size: 20 x 35mm
  • Bootloader pre-programming : Arduino UNO R3