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This tutorial was developed upon my last project: Line Follower Robot - PID Control - Android Setup. Once you have a robot with line following capabilities, the next natural step is to give him some degree of intelligence. So, our dear “Rex, the Robot” will try now finding how to scape from a “labyrinth” on a shortest and fastest way (by the way, he hates the Minotaurus ;-). For starting, what is the difference between Maze and Labyrinth? According, in the English-speaking world it is often considered that to be qualified as a maze, a design must have choices in the pathway. Clearly, this will include many of the modern installations in entertainment parks and tourist attractions, including our 2D maze here. Popular consensus also indicates that labyrinths have one pathway that leads inexorably from the entrance to the goal, albeit often by the most complex and winding of routes.”

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