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Do you feel a sudden urge of going surfing, but there is no large body of water nearby? Are you scared of deep and turbulent waters? Or are you just to lazy to go outside? Then the Ultra Realistic Surfing Simulator is the perfect solution for you! It allows for a close to reality surfing experience from any place imaginable. As a two part system, motion is sensed by a board and translated into wave motions of an ocean diorama.
Project by:
Lena Strobel, Gabriel Rihaczek, Guillaume Caussarieu
The project was conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program.

To build a Ultra Realistic Surfing Simulator, you will need the following supplies :


2x Arduino Board (Arduino Uno)
2x Batteries 9V
1x Servomotor, e.g. ServoMotox Reely Standard-Servo S-0090 (88/
1x 3 axis digital acceleration sensor module - MMA8452
2x NRF24L01 Transceiver Module
6/7.5V Power Supply, e.g. Voltcraft USPS-1000
2x 5.1kΩ resistor
1x Breadboard
Jumper wires

2x Plexiglas sheets 250x500x3mm, e.g. Evonik
1x Plexiglas sheets 250x500x2mm, e.g. Evonik
20mm Plywood board (9121cm + 2x 9111cm)
4x M3x15mm Bolts
8x M3 Nuts
1x Ø8x20mm Aluminium sleeve (1mm thick)
1x M6x50mm Bolt + 2xM6 Nuts
Ø3x50mm threaded rod
2x Ø8/4mm washers
Ø5x50mm wood screws

Blue Water colorant
1l of transparent baby oil
1x Tube Acrifix 1R 0192 (or other clear and waterproof acrylic glue)
Transparent silicon

Plyers, Screwdriver, Power Drill, Laser Cutter, Wood band saw or CNC mill, 60ml syringe”

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