Way back in the year 2015 we designed a Simple Dual Axis Tracker for use as a fun student or hobby project. It was small, noisy, a little complicated, and provoked a lot of really weird community comments. That being said, three and a half years later we’re still getting emails and phone calls from people all over the world wanting to build their own.
Due to the success of our original project post, youtube video, and the kits we were selling we received a wide range of feedback from a wide range of users. Most of it good, some of it annoying, and quite a few that were along the lines of “wiring this thing up is really darn complicated so please spend an hour on the phone with us to figure it out.” With that in mind we spent several months redesigning the project from the ground up to make it a much more streamlined and easy activity.
In this write up you’ll find information about our upgrades, how solar trackers work, a parts list, links to our Open Source hardware, Open Source code, and links to where you can buy many of these things.”


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