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How to Make Sun Tracking Sunflower Robot Using Arduino

Hello there I’m happy that this project caught your interest, This is a sunflower which you can call an electronic version of an actual sunflower.
What does an ordinary sunflower do? It tracks the sun and keeps its face toward the direction of the sun, In this project I managed to build a sunflower robot that faces towards the sunlight.
So how does this work might be your question, This was possible with the help of LDR also known as light light-dependent resistor. The arduino board processes the light that falls on the LDR and sends signals to the servo to move in that particular direction.
Since the servo is able to move 180degress each LDR is placed in the opposite direction so that the exposure to the light could be more.
I have given the complete details of building this project, also there is a working video given at the end of this project.
Try building this project since it gives you a hands-on experience in building such creative robots and helps you learn coding.
With this being told we can head over to gathering the materials for this project.


- Arduino Uno
- LDRx2 (light dependent resistor)
- Small breadboard
- Micro servo
- Color paper
- Paper glue and scissors
- Arduino ide and programming cable
- Jumper wires
- Hot glue

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