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In this Instructable I will be showing you how I made this dual aixs light tracking robot using an Arduino Uno. All the CAD and code will be included so you can build it yourself without needing any programming or designing skills. All you will need is a 3D printer, an Arduino Uno and a few other basic parts!
Tools you will need:
> A PC (duh)
> A 3D printer
> Soldering iron (and solder wire)
> Screw driver
> 3D printing filament (PLA recommended)
> Proto board
> Self-adhering rubber or foam strip (optional)
> Some thin solid core wire
> Heat shrink tubing
Off-the-shelf components:
> Arduino Uno (Or compatible board)
> 2 x 100 F capacitors rated for 5V
> 2 Micro servo motors
> 4 Light dependant resistors (LDR’s)
> 1 x 5mm LED
> 1 x 220 Ohm resistor
> 4 x 10 kOhm resistors
> 11 x M3 self tapping screws
> 8 x M2 self tapping screws
> 4 x M3 machine screws with nuts”

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