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Helium Lora Mapper

Maps the people traffic/crowd in common or remote places with Helium Network and AWS cloud.

Everyone knows well what is google map and how its useful in finding shops, locations or routes etc. In Cities had seen people who checks the google map before starting to office, the reason is “Traffic” its painful and I personalty experienced that so we watch out the traffic condition based on that adjust the time.

Now the current situation is different, people forgot about traffic and started worried about the crowd. When we go out for shop or works we need to maintain distancing these days. If crowd is more people wont feel safely.

Lora Mapper, plots the map in important paces like shops, bustop, church, temple, play ground, metro stations and tourist places etc.

WhatisLoRA Mapper?

Lora Mapper, Its designed with LORA radio from ST micro, Also the board paired up with the NFC reader from ST micro. Reader is interfaced with SPI and it has ability to read/write the NFC tags. This is very simple setup and it can be installed on public places or shops/malls entry.

Whoever wants to enter into shop or other places they need to sign in with NFC tags by tapping. NFC tag will have unique ID for each person. Its used to collect the person information from cloud.

The head counts are reordered with in details, Active counts shows the current people counts in the place/store. If some one exists from the place the sensor(IR/Switch) decrements the active counter value. Total count holds the data on preset day or week. Also this setup has contactless temperature which detects the person temperature and sends the data along with nfc information.

This count and people information is send through LORA network and reaches the Helium cloud. Helium cloud is integrated with AWS to get receive topics over MQTT. This is handed with lambda function. Alexa Skills set are defined for any users to get the traffic details in particular places. SMS alerts are used to inform the particular departments about the people crowd.”

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