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The idea behind this project is that if you have an RFID credit card, you can tell your bank that you need a replacement card, then once you have that second card, you can dissolve it in acetone, take out the RFID chip, solder a new antenna to it, glue that assembly to an inner frame, then put that assembly in a mold made from the full-size ring, pour resin around it, then have a ring that will let you pay at any establishment that accepts RFID credit cards (you’ll be able to use your ring at pretty much anywhere that accepts google/apple pay) without you needing to take out your wallet.
To find out if your card has RFID contactless payment options, look for this symbol on the front or back:
If it doesn’t, you can also call your bank and see if they have them available. My card did not have RFID but they were able to send me one that did when I called and asked.
I’d suggest reading through everything in this instructable before starting in on this.”

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