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Remotely Control Home Electronics with PIC-IoT WG

This tutorial uses a Relay Click and the PIC-IoT WG to control a fan, lamp, or any other wired device from the cloud.

This demo was created for Microchip’s booth at Google Next 2019. Attendees in San Francisco used a simple Google Cloud interface to control a lamp located at a residence in Phoenix (over 700 miles away).

We like this demo not just because it terrified my roommates, but also because it is very simple.

The PIC-IoT WG board is pre-configured to securely connect to Google Cloud Platform out of the box. Upon startup, you’re directed to a sandbox account, which contains a simple interface with controls for you to learn about the capabilities of your board.

So if you have a PIC-IoT WG board, Relay Click, and a USB-powered device that you’re willing to sacrifice, you can expect to have a cloud-connected gadget in around an hour.”

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