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Turn a Fake CCTV Into a Real One with Raspberry Pi & WebRTC

In this project, we will turn a fake security camera into a real working one with the use of a Raspberry Pi, WebRTC and balena.

A few weeks ago we released a project called balena Cam where @mbalamat developed an application running on balenaOS that initiates a WebRTC video streaming connection between the server (a Raspberry Pi, for example) and the client. You can check the full blog post here.

Once the main core of the application was stable, we decided to challenge ourselves and take the project down a slightly different route; turning a fake CCTV camera into a real working CCTV camera, where we control the software running on it 🤯.

Come with us in this step-by-step tutorial showing how you can build the hardware and software of this fake/real CCTV camera!

Let’s go!”

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