How to Make an LED Heart Display

Create a free standing and battery-powered LED heart for your sweetheart!
Ah, Valentine’s Day. What’s a nerd to do except somehow use it as an excuse to build something? My husband can be weary of homemade electronics, so it needed to be something that did not look like it would catch on fire. I decided to make an LED heart that was battery powered, with a switch for easily turning it off.

For this project, we will be using screws and stripped wire to put LEDs in parallel in the shape of a heart. It’s an inexpensive and simple circuit that only took about four nights to make! (Would have been even shorter if I was not trying to keep it secret from my husband!)

Step One: Planning out your design
As with most things, the first thing to do is to plan. You can make any size heart you like, so decide how many LEDs you will need to cover the space, what your voltage needs are, and the size of the resistors.”


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