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LED Cube Light

I’ve been wanting to make a simple LED Light box for some time now so decided to build one. I had some filament LED’s left over from another build which worked perfectly to illuminate the diffused acrylic.

You usually find filament LED’s inside light bulbs which are in the style of Edison light globes. However, you can also buy them individually for pretty cheap. They throw off a lot of light and when you use some diffusing acrylic, you get a beautiful, soft light.

Instead of using a toggle switch to turn the LED’s on and off, I used a mercury switch. To turn it off you simply turn the box up-side-down. This way it keeps the build simple and clean.

To power the LED’s I used an old mobile battery but you could use a li-po battery or 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries.

The final result is a minimalist light box that looks great and gives off a beautiful, soft light.”

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