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Architectural machine for controlling a diode matrix ws2812b with 4 connected ultrasonic sensors and distance data collection in Excel.

My aim was to create a project that can be applied in an architectural way. It was supposed to be playful and collect some data, but at the same time be simple to create, as this is my first experience with an Arduino.

The essence of the project is to make an interactive consumer-driven light show. Using 4 (or more) rangefinders to drive the diode matrix along the (X; Y) axis and collect information in Excel.

First prototype to understand how sensors work in connection with diodes
This is my first Arduino experience. Having started development, I assembled the simplest model in order to figure out how to connect sensors and diodes.

For the first prototype, I took the components from the Arduino IOT Bundle and connected one rangefinder sensor. As a result, the system started working in one direction and sequentially lit up and extinguished the required row of diodes, depending on the distance to the object in front of the rangefinder.”

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