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IOT123 - Assimilate Sensor: Max9812

Microphone Amplifier Sound MIC 3.3V / 5V Fixed Gain 20dB.
If you need adjustable gain, I recommend swapping this sensor out for the MAX4466.
ASSIMILATE SENSORS are environment sensors that have an added hardware and software abstraction layer, making it possible for completely new types to be added to a ASSIMILATE SENSOR HUB and the readings be pumped to a MQTT server without added coding.
This ASSIMILATE SENSOR dumps 3 properties:
audMin (0-1023) - lowest value inside the 50ms (20Hz) sample window audMax (0-1023) - highest value inside the 50ms (20Hz) sample window audDiff (0-50) - a value derived from the difference of aMin and aMax”

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