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Customizable Curved Overhang Tester

This is an attempt at an overhang tester with a little bit of a different look. See how well your printer and filament can handle overhangs of thin materials. Check both for print quality and for how well each curve lines up with the backing. I’ve included pictures of a 40mm version of this printed out on an Ultimaker 3 with PLA and standard Cura settings. You can see fairly typical results for this type of overhang test: a relatively serene and normal top surface, concealing the horror show that increasingly engulfs the underside as the overhang passes the magic 45-degree mark. With thin curves like this, errors are introduced from at least two sources: the usual sag of unsupported material at the edge of each layer, and the slight mismatches caused by the curves being pushed ever-so-slightly back and forth by the tip of the nozzle.Feedback is welcomed.”

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