WiFi connected smart lamp built with an open message protocol. Control the lamp any way you can imagine.

In this tutorial we’re going to make an internet connected smart lamp. This will go deep into internet of things and opens up a world of home automation!

The lamp is WiFi connected and built to have an open message protocol. This means you can select whatever control mode you want! It can be controlled through a web browser, home automation apps, smart assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, and so much more!

As a bonus this lamp goes along with an app to control the project. Here you can select different color modes, fade between RGB colors, and set timers.

The lamp consits of an LED board and a control board. The LED board uses three different types of LEDs for a total of five LED channels! This is RGB along with both warm and cold white. Because all of these channels can be set individually, you have a total of 112.3 peta combinations!”


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