Arduino-Based Shower Radio

I have a music in my shower cabin again!

Few years ago I bought a chinese shower cabin which has installed the TR028 control system with radio. Unfortunately one nice day I found this system competely dead. Nobody could repair it so I bought another, cheaper shower radio. It dead after about one ear. :(

My family used to have a radio in the shower cabin, so I started studiyng how these radios were made. Inside the TR028 system I found a strange TEA5767 module. Some searches let me know that it is a small cheap FM radio module. In search results I found another interesting FM radio module - RDA5807. It’s very similar to TEA5767, but has RDS, volume control and bass boost features. So my decision was to use RDA5807 in my new project.

I searched the Internet and found several projects where RDA5807 module was used:

Main project which has inspired my vision.
Variation where I found a great signal strengh sign and more useful information.
Another variation.
Great radio module library
Useful information (in russian).
One More
It was possible to repeat one of these projects, but no one met my vision exactly.

My vision was:
The device with touch screen to ensure water proof construction. (I used enclosure with touch panel from dead TR0289).
Several favorite radio stations presets
Volume control
Automatic radio station seek feature
Possibility to memorize seeked radio station
A clock to see the current time.
On/Off feature
Light control
Some minor information display like temperature inside a cabin, RDS.
On Aliexpress I bought RDA5807, Tiny RTC with 32kb EEPROM, PAM8403, NOKIA 5110 LCD, LM2596 modules for less than 10€ and started experiments.

What finaly I got:
FM radio with 2 rows ( !) RDS
6 presets for favorite radio stations
Automatic or manual tuning
Possibility to store favorite radio station to one of 6 presets
Volume and bass boost control
Shower cabin lights control
A clock ant calendar
RSSI (radio signal strengh indicator)
Stereo mode indicator
On/Off feature”


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