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Everybody loves binary clocks, especially the nerdy makers like me. In this instructable I will show you, how you can make your own binary clock using off-the-shelf and perfboard modules.

I was not satisfied with the design of the ready made binary clocks from ebay or other sources, so I made my own. It uses only one colour, and the faceplate is symmetric, which makes it look much nicer.



- Arduino Nano (any controller with 18 outputs and I2C)
- DS1307 module (DS3231 can also be used)
- 18 pcs 5mm super bright LED (I used blue ones)
- 18 pcs 10kOhm resistor (I used SMD)
- 18 pcs 100kOhm resistor (I used SMD)
- 18 pcs generic diode
- DC jack connector
- 12V power supply
- Small wooden box
- Wires
- Heat-shrink tubes (optional)
- Perfboard


- Soldering iron and solder
- Electric drill
- Hot glue gun
- Basic tools”

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