Green Means Go!  Red, Stay in BED!!!

We were going crazy without enough sleep!!! Our 2-year-old could not understand how to “wait for the 7” on the clock before coming out of his room morning after morning. He’d wake up early (I mean like 5:27am - “there’s a 7!!!” he’d say) and just assume time to get up, come out of his room, and be awake for the day. Since ages 2-4 have a very difficult time reading clocks, this simple light up clock was a HUGE solution to our problem!!!
GREEN MEANS GO!!! RED, STAY IN BED!!! This simple, inexpensive Arduino real time clock can be set to light up LEDs at whatever time necessary. For us that means at 6:00am it turns RED, STAY IN BED. Then 10 minutes before 7:00am it turns YELLOW giving the indication it is almost time to come out and to play in your room. Then at 7:00am… “The light is GREEN!!!”, he says, as he bursts into our room each morning no earlier than 7:00am. What a lifesaver!!!”


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