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In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a unique clock that displays the time with the atomic numbers of elements on the periodic table. By illuminating specific elements on the table, time is represented in hours, minutes, and seconds. If you are familiar with the periodic table or the atomic numbers of the elements, you can tell the time from far away just by seeing the elements!

How Is the Time Displayed?

The time is displayed using 3 colors Blue, Green, and Red representing hours, minutes, and seconds. If Oxygen is illuminated Blue, and Neon is illuminated Green it means the time is 8h:10m or in other words Neon past Oxygen!

- 3D Printer
- Pliers
- Soldering Iron, solder and flux

- Arduino Nano
- RTC DS1307 realtime clock module
- WS2812B LED Strip: 60 LEDs per meter
- 330.8 x 173 x 3mm semitransparent plexiglass
- 12 x 3mm threaded inserts
- 12 x 8mm hex screws
- 5v 2A power supply

3D Printed Parts:
- Base Plate 1 & 2
- Frame Corner x 3
- Frame Corner with Buttons x 1
- Frame Long x 2
- Frame Short x 2
- Light guide 1 & 2 & 3”

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