XCLOCK (Tri-Colour Binary Clock)

This is my current state of mind, colorful but impossible to read. So after last years clock building i still had some unfinished business. and if i am honest this wasn’t one of them! but like so many of my projects i happened to have all the bits i needed to make this project so it happened! This is a 24 hour clock with seconds. the display is 3 X’s with each right side of a X indicating units and the left side tens. Now obviously there are only two segments which in binary means 4 possibilities (including zero) so i decided to use 3 different colours so show all the numbers! Red will indicate 1-3, green 4-6, and blue 7-9. So let’s get straight onto the build. it’s the same construction method i like to use, which is design on a raspberry pi using Qcad, then save as a PDF. Then print out the design and stick to plywood then cut out using a fret saw.”


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