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Most of you have seen those LED clocks shown here on Instructables, as I did. For me they where quite to complicated to build, requiring a CNC or awesome wood work skills.

So I’ve created my own approach with this features in mind: super easy to build, astonishingly look and useful.

Why Zen clock? When I’ve finished the first prototype, I’ve realized that being able to see just 4 updates/hour results in a less stressful time management being equally useful for most purposes.

Then, with this Zen concept in mind, I’ve decided to add a “Timer” function to it so that you can better control your time while you work, rest or do some mindfulness exercises!

And the best of all: The average cost is just 10$! (Most components in Supplies came in packs, so price could be a bit larger)

So that said, let’s get started! :)


LED Indexable Strip - IMPORTANT: Select 60LED, 1m. It’s important that you choose 60LED because they are closer one to each other. Otherwise they will not fit in the 3D model.
2x 18650 batteries (optional, if you want it to be wireless)
1x USB Charger + Booster (you can replace this for a 1S USB battery charger and a small voltage booster if you have some laying around)
1x Arduino Nano
1x DS1307 RTC
1x Rotary Encoder
Some white PLA (Just in case you need it. Any white PLA will serve)
And in case you want to start into the 3D print world:

Crealty Ender 3 (the printer I’ve used to make this project. Awesome quality for the price)”

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