While continuing the Plotter and Laser project with Raspberry Pi CNC HAT, we finish today the electronic part. Also, Ill discuss loading and performing a drawing. I really like this setup, especially considering the innovation of using a Raspberry instead of an Arduino. Soon, we will have a fourth video, where we will replace the pen that we have in our example by a laser.
In the first video on this subject, we set up an XY table, which is the basis of this “printer, which serves both to record and cut certain materials, and involves the whole process of assembly of the mechanical part. In the second video entitled How to configure CNC with Raspberry Pi we prepared this microcontroller with the image RPI CNC V4 using HAT version 2.58, and then configured the GRBL. The content in this article and below is for the third video in this series.
I want to highlight that, in addition to replacing the Arduino with Raspberry Pi, in this project we also have the novelty of being able to use a HAT, which is like Shield for Raspberry. It is called the Protoneer (Electronic Prototyping Specialists). See how the project works in a demo in this third video of the series.”