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I’m not the first person to connect stepper motors to an Etch a Sketch, but I may be the first to make one wireless and safe for kids. The really fun part came when I started using it for stop motion. The first video below gives an overview of the project showing the simulated touch-screen effects towards the end. It’s intended for general audiences to maximize views. Please share it with as many people as you can. The 2nd video contains all the details you makers will want to know in case you want to replicate the project or do your own unique version with similar hardware.

If you can’t pick up an Etch a Sketch and shake it then what’s the point? Naturally it needs to be light and sturdy. I could have used wood, but recently spent a small fortune on a TIG welder so I better use it! The frame ended up 11” wide by 12” tall by 4” deep. I knew I would eventually encase the entire thing in clear plastic so it was necessary to make it as square as possible.

The hardest part was combining machined features with welded ones. I machined the mounts for the stepper motors to keep them precise but welding them together nearly negated all that precision. In the end it worked out pretty well.”

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