A Raspberry Pi enabled retro smartphone from which you can check the news headlines, send a tweet, listen to SMS messages, and much more.

The Raspberry Pi Phone
This hack takes an old 1960s phone and combines it with the power of the Raspberry Pi to produce a retro smartphone. Each number on the rotary dial is assigned to a function. For example, dial 3 to hear the current time, dial 1 for the latest news headlines or dial 0 to power off the Pi Phone.

I reused the original speaker in the handset. The wires were stripped down and then soldered to the Raspberry Pi as shown in the image below. This means that all audio is played through the original handset, like the classic way these phones were used. Unfortunately I was not so lucky with the original handset microphone, so embedded a USB microphone (connected to the Pi) within the phone case. This enables you to record your Tweets (dial 6) and voice messages (dial 8) and other features.”