Summer is coming in, pool time!The micro:bit dive-o-meter described here is a DIY depth gauge that allows you to measure how deep you are, or were, diving. It consists just of a micro:bit, a battery pack or LiPo, an edge connector for the micro:bit, a BMP280 or BME280 barometric pressure sensor and some jumper cables. All this is packed into two layers of watertight clear plastic or silicone bags, supported by some weights to compensate the buoyant force.It is another application of the micro:bit pressure sensor described in a previous instructable.
A remark:
So far I have not tested the device in open water, just in a bucket (see video and pictures). Given the weather will be fine I will do this in the coming weekend and report. This also means that by now I cant tell how precise the device really is.”


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