Less than 10$ educational platform with micro magnetic robot (mBot),
only 6 GPIO to move in unlimited X/Y 2D space

Great for physical education for languages like Karel and make
SKOBAN game or solve acrylic cutted labyrinth.

My project not violating SRI international patent
(maybe, I am not patent expert)

There is differences:

- I am using another moving track configutation
- Control is 3-phase unipolar against 4-phase bipolar
- My manipulator (mBot) use 4 magnets and not levitating
- For move in one dimension I need only 3x Mosfets connected to any MCU
(Arduino Atmega328, Stm32, MSP430, ESP XXXX)
- 6 GPIO to move in X/Y 2D space
- Moving board can be produced in any fab, it is just only PCB board 8/8mil


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