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The MagPI 70

Discover home automation; upcycle your old projects and build a tweeting teddy bear in issue 70 of The MagPi. Plus! Teslonda – the Tesla/Honda hybrid that uses Raspberry Pi for a dashboard.

All this inside The MagPi 70
- Home automation with Raspberry Pi. Practical projects that take your home into the future.
- Teslonda. The amazing Tesla / Honda hybrid with a Raspberry Pi for a brain.
- Upcycle old tech. Nothing goes to waste with our guide to tech recycling.
- Use Minecraft with tmux. Keep your Minecraft world safe with terminal multiplexing.
- Build a magnetic music machine. Create a musical theta min with Raspberry Pi.
- Transfer files wirelessly with SSH. Remote access a Raspberry Pi and send files over the network.
- Create a tweeting teddy bear. Because some things are just plain fun!
And much, much more.”

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