When using the ESP-NOW protocol for bridging between multiple ESP32s, our WiFi has up to 3 times more range (480 meters total). We achieved this 2.4GHz wireless network with the built-in antennas of the ESP32. In our project today, therefore, an ESP32 will read a pin and send the value to another ESP32. This other ESP32 will receive this value, change the output of the pin, and send this value to an upcoming ESP32. The next ESP32 will do the same thing and go over to the next ESP32. In short, I set up a remote control with two bridges in the middle.
In this project, we created software that can send the values that we select to countless ESP32s. Our example uses four chips, but you can use as many as you want, as this protocol is very fast. I want to emphasize that this scheme is not for linking the Internet. Instead, its for automation, which is the sending of control bits. In addition, this protocol is much faster than LoRa.”


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