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A 2D physics engine with a lot of features made from scratch and running on an STM32F429.

The project
This project demonstrates that it is possible to run a 2D Physics engine made from scratch in Ada on a STM32, with some very cool results !

Basically, the project is split in two independent parts:

The Physics engine, with its API, available for you to download and use for your own projects: It is of course open, and a tutorial to easily use it is available on the Github page of the engine. With it, you will be able to create awesome physics projects (like games) really quickly, efficiently (remember that it runs smoothly on a STM32), and without any actual knowledge in physics !
The STM32 wrapper, made with the help of Adacore’s Ada_Drivers_Library, that provides an easy and fun way to discover all the features of the engine:”

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