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In our daily life, regular scheduled tasks can be boring. With help of ACR, those task can be easy & joyful.

During the covid-19 pandemic, we have learnt the ways of doing household tasks by ourselves. Not only that, the post pandemic situation would be more valuable in need of keep maintaining those habits that grew within us. In our regular daily routine involves:

Set an alarm to wake up or take medicine timely.
Do Cleanup(Vacuum dirt from the floor/mop the floor).
Time to leave for office!(And you forgot to switch off light or fans).
Necessary to keep monitoring indoor activities with some surveillance device while staying away from home for long period.
So, the aim is to building a robot that can assist us with all of these tasks. This way, life would be more enjoyable, also less effort will be required.

What it does
The Robot

can remember the time when to wake up,
reminds you about taking medicine with beeping sound,
helps with cleaning,
can be used as a remote controlled toy for kids,
when senses low battery level, it can return autonomously to charging dock,
and when we won’t be at home, it can also monitor indoor activities. For ease of access, all these have to be remotely accessible with an android app. Also the application will be secure, so that each time the user wants access, it can verify his authentication.”

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