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Hey, what’s up folks here’s something super cool and useful if you’re making a basic Robot Setup, A MOTOR DRIVER CONTROLLER BOARD that controls the motor driver by an Onboard MCU and has an HC01 BT Module for Bluetooth connectivity.

I added four mounting Holes on the PCB so I could add PCB Standoffs to hold the motor driver on the top side of the board in the air. It’s a clever method to use standoffs as we can add multiple Modules with this method just by stacking them up in a row of standoffs.

I’ve also added an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Breakout Pin on one side of the board so it can be used to make an obstruction-avoiding robot.

This Instructables is gonna be about the build process of this motor driver, so let’s get started.

Following were the things I used in this Project-

- Custom PCB
- Atmega328PU
- 22PF Cap 0603 Package
- 16Mhz Crystal
- 10K Resistor 0603 Package
- 1K Resistor 0603 Package
- Indicator LED 0603 Package
- AMS1117 Voltage Regulator
- HC01 BT Module
- 10uF Cap 1206 Package
- 1uF Cap 1206 Package
- IC Socket DIP 28
- USB Micro Port
- Header Pin socket
- Arduino as ISP Setup for flashing Atmega328PU
- PCB Standoffs
- Motor
- Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04
- Battery Pack 12V
- Motor Driver L298N

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