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Hi everyone, now I will show you how I made arduino uno board using the atmega328p can be upload code via bluetooth HC-05 called as “DIY Bluino One”. A year ago I have made a series of tutorials about how to configure bluettoh HC05 for upload code via bluetooth. This is kind of a updated version of that.
So in this tutorial we will be looking into the schematic of DIY Arduino Uno Bluetooth, modify it a little to our needs, make a PCB out of it and solder the required components to make the final product. But before starting let me tell you that I will only using 2 SMD components (AMS117 3V3/5V) to make my version of arduino because not everybody has a hard to soldering a lot of SND components. Moreover through hole components are cheaper than SMD components in most of the cases.
I have also made a detailed video step by step the whole process in youtube, so if you don’t feel like reading the whole doc here, watch that video. You will be sorted.”

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