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Hey! everyone, My name is Steve
Today Im gonna show how I build this Power Meter Using ESP8266 & INA226 Current Sensor
The Screen seems to fluctuate its just due to the camera in real its normal
Ive built the Codes with ESPHome
These can measure current 1mA to 100Amp and Voltage up to 100VDC, and its very precise And yes it can also measure negative current
And I also have added DHT11 So it can measure Temperature & Humidity
It can also be integrated with your Home Assistant and you can see it wirelessly Ill mostly use this for capacity testing Lifepo4 Battery
This is the First Version Ive made there are so many things to improve

- Input Power
- 5V DC

- 0-100VDC
- 0-100A

Built-in Features
- 0.96” Oled
- OTA Update
- Temperature & Humidity Read
- Wireless
- Extra Ports for Future Expandability”

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