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Building a GPS/GNSS Receiver Using MosaicHAT and Arduino

Throughout the following steps, we’ll see how to build a GPS/GNSS receiver using Arduino and mosaicHAT. mosaicHAT is a Raspberry Pi compatible GNSS board based on Septentrio module, mosaic-X5, the centimeter-level multi-band, multi-constellation GPS/GNSS receiver.
The compact mosaicHAT make it incredibly handy to provide IoT and robotics applications with highly accurate and precise positioning. mosaicHAT project is open-source, fully documented on Github and can be easily manufactured or integrated into different designs:

To build this project, we need the following components:

Arduino UNO (or any Arduino type actually)
GNSS antenna
162 LCD screen (12C)

9V batteries

2* battery connector

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