NO ONE enjoys water/liquid of any kind leaking into places that it just doesn’t belong. The worst part of that scenario is that it tends to happen where you currently ‘happen not to be’…your basement, a utility closet, maybe even your attic or garage. Setting up a WiFi connected sensor in a potential ‘leak-zone’, and a remote alarm nearer to you waiting for meaningful alarm messages sent from that sensor might be a GREAT IDEA!
MQTT is the key to this project, just as it was in the ESP8266Arduino-MQTT-Memo-Minder project. The only difference is that instead of sending MQTT text messages from an App on your phone, the MQTT messages will be sent from the re-configured code on the ESP8266ESP-01-Arduino-Powered-Leak-Detector.
This Instructable merges 2 previous projects, resulting in a VERY useful and adaptable device as such.
The versatility of this project is appreciable in that it can be used for just about ANY type of sensor’s alert you might want/need to be notified of. Opening/Closing Doors, Rain, Motion, Sound etc…Endless…IMAGINATION!!
In addition, the Alarm Receiver will receive all messages that are Published to your set Topic. In other words, you could have 10,20,30 WiFi Arduino/ESP sensors, all set to Publish to your Topic, and the Alarm Receiver will alert you for each one. If you’re new to MQTT or just need a refresher, check this site out…it will help!”


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