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Hello fellow makers!
In this instructable I will show you how to build a WiFi-controlled LED tube which is filled with glass stones for a nice diffusion effect. The LEDs are individually addressable and therefore some nice effects are possible in the end. And the best: The firmware for the microcontroller comes with a super-easy to use smartphone app for Android and iOS devices!

The following parts were used:

Plexiglass Tube, 1m high, OD/ID 60mm/54mm
WS2812B LED Strip, 60 LEDs/m (you need 4m in total)
Wemos D1 Mini Microcontroller
Broken Glass Decor Stones, 3-4kg (you can most likely get these also from your local gravel shop)
Square Aluminum Profile, 10x10x1mm, 1m long (you can get this from your hardware shop)
~50cm of LED cables (min. 22 AWG, 3-pin)
5V power supply, minimum 6A
DC Power Plug, 1x female + 1x male
General purpose glue
3D printer (my favorite one)
Soldering iron (my favorite one)
Hot Glue Gun
WLED (as firmware for the Wemos D1 Mini)”

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