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Fishing robot controlled by bluetooth and automatically enable older and people with disabilities have the fishing fun.

Fishing always fun for whomever tried first time, but you must be able to have basic motor skills such as holding a rot ,pulling the fish, hooking and unhooking the bait. Imagine you can only move your fingers or not able to hold the rot? There are many commercial products available on the market. None of them is fully accessible or a reel for just lazy people :) I took my father many times to fishing and ended up pulling the 5-10kg puffer fishes, jacks by myself. Where is the fun is you can not pull your own fish? Here is how the fishbot idea came to my mind. Other Motives: How fish behaves on the hook, what patterns can attract them to the jig, downrigging according to speed and depth. Why one device can not do all? A downrigger, planer, electric reel all in one device and remote/manually controlled. People can share what is the catch and how it is catched with all the data… Looking for team members to share the project…”

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